Nothing is Impossible

For nearly two years I have been working towards my doctoral degree in education. It seemed like an impossible dream to think that I could earn a degree of any type, much less a doctoral degree, as I did not come from a family that was college educated. What seemed impossible in the natural has become possible in the supernatural. God is in the transformation business.  What the world sees as a failure, He can see the good. Think about that you are right. In fact, you are great! The journey that I have taken is not unlike what others have taken. We have all faced challenges or obstacles that needed to be overcome to achieve our highest dreams. The impossible can become possible.

Nearly twenty years ago, I entered a community college on a full-ride scholarship, and within a year and a half I flunked out and lost the scholarship. It seemed like the possibility was not possible. A nagging feeling deep within my soul would not allow me to give up on my dreams and desires. It would take two more years, and much persistence to keep pressing forward, but I finally achieved that elusive associate degree. The impossible was becoming possible. In 2008 I entered college to finish what I had started ten years before, and this time I was determined never to give up until I achieved my dream.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Through God’s help, encouragement from my wife, and a determined spirit, the impossible is becoming possible as I finish my final five courses until I complete the doctoral program. Throughout scripture what seemed impossible became possible. Why? Because God wants His children to succeed. To live out a life that pleases Him. A life that honors Him. A life that fulfills His plans for our lives.

Nothing is impossible with God, for God, and through God, if we can stay within His will at all time.