Don’t Let Excuses Be an Excuse

In the Bible, it talks about a man who sat by the Bethesda pool for thirty-eight years waiting to get his chance in the healing waters found in John 5:1-15. He is described as a man who was paralyzed and understood that if he could touch the water first as the angels stirred up the water each morning, he would be healed. The man while looking helpless was not hopeless. Even though he sat there for thirty-eight years, he was still hopeful that one day he would be the first person to touch the healing waters. Does that speak to you today? Do you feel helpless to overcome the difficulty in your life, but you’re still hopeful that your circumstance in life will change?

Don’t allow your paralysis to paralyze your future. Take hold today that feeling sorry for yourself will only keep you from moving forward. To many times we make excuses because we don’t know how to gain access to freedom from the problem. God tells us don’t let excuses be an excuse, but to push forward and into his reward he has for you here on earth and in heaven.

Christ asked the man; “Do you want to get well?” (John 5:6) It reminds us that an honest assessment must be made by asking the questions;
Why am I in this situation? What is keeping me from achieving my dream? What should I do?

Excuses create an exit to stay in the situation that you are in. Unless you are willing to search your soul, evaluate the questions asked, and be ready to move forward, you only stay where your mind is. Your condition can become terminal because of your thinking. Terminal thinking brings about physical decline. Studies have shown if you think you are sick, you can will your body to get sick. So reverse the trend by saying to yourself, I am beautiful, God is blessing, my health is being restored, and you will see a change in your spirit, attitude, and thinking.

You can’t shy away from problems by speaking your problems into existence, but you don’t have to retreat into yourself, but you do have to rethink, restart, and react in a new positive way. Reprogram your negative thoughts into positive ones. Allow the Spirit to transform your current situation into a Godly position. Restart your life by moving on from the issue that is holding you back. Don’t react to your situation in a negative manner but a positive one. If someone says you’re no good, then turn it around and say you’re good enough. If someone says; you’re never going to make it. Turn it around and say; I am going to achieve all my dreams, hopes, and desires.

When Jesus spoke the man finally took notice. You too take notice because Jesus is saying to you today, get up, move up and move out. Get up from your despair and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Allow God to help you become a better you. Do Well by standing on the promises of God. He created you in his image not in the picture of failure but of greatness. Greatness lives inside of you. Then finally move out. Become the new you and show yourself and others that today is a new day. Don’t allow excuses to be an excuse to stay where you are today.