Closed Doors

Closed Doors

Life Notes -  by Pastor Desmond

“If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door,” was the sign I read recently. That saying has more truth then meets the eye. In life there are no do overs. Yet, many, and maybe even you reading this, have tried to redo a mistake, a relationship, an issue, but it still failed. Why? Because that door was supposed to remain locked. You have to stop knocking on the wrong door of your past, and start opening the door to the present.

Every closed door was really the right door that needed to be shut. It was a door closed, so you could move to the next level of your spiritual destiny. Your life is about choices. You have the choice to relive the past or move forward and embrace the future. Let the past stay in the past. The present is more important than rehashing that failed relationship, that boss who was out to get you, or the person who cut you off on your way to work.

Don’t give the past power over your future. When you feel the past welling up inside of you, begin to say out loud; ‘past you have no power here.’ ‘God you are in control, my future is bright, my present circumstance does not dictate my future.’ Begin to sow seeds of positive renewal in your spirit and allow the negative junk from the past stay buried in the past.

Sure, you have been hurt, we all have. You have the choice to rehash the past, or move forward. Each time you reopen your mind to that hurtful thought, it’s like you opened the closed door and are now blocking God from opening up a new one. If you been stuck in the same situation week after week, and month after month, then maybe it’s time to start praying, ‘God close the doors that need to be closed, and open the doors that need to be open.’

That closed door was closed for a reason. God saw fit that, that season of your life was over. You learned all you were supposed to learn and now it’s time to embark on a new journey. Closed doors should be looked at as positive growth sign on your spiritual journey. Each closed door, has prepared you for the next open door that awaits you.

Instead of complaining that a door closed, celebrate that you have matured in your faith. Celebrate that you have reached a new season in your life of spiritual growth that has enabled you to learn a valuable life lesson that will remind you of that God size dream that awaits you.

The next time you come to a door, ask yourself: Was this locked for a reason? If so, go to the next door, and see how bright your future is.