Miracles Come When You Least Expect Them

In the sixth chapter of John, we read about Jesus feeding the five thousand because it was too late at night to send them away for food. He took a child’s two fish and five barley loaves and fed the five thousand plus with them and then had twelve baskets of food left over when all had been feed. How? A miracle sent down from Heaven.

In today’s culture, we don’t expect miracles anymore. We think that they were done 2000 years ago and they stopped. That is not necessarily true. Miracles still happen but mainly not in significant ways. Too many times people including Christians are looking for big signs and wonders when God sometimes uses small blessings to enhance his kingdom.
Christ saw the need of the citizens. He understood that they needed to be feed. He had been feeding them all day spiritually, but the people were looking physically for food at the end of a long day. When the people were served physically, they were then open to the eternal food of having a relationship with God the Father. Is that you?

Many Christians and non-Christians miss out on their miracle because they only get fed once a week in church, special holidays or not at all. This causes doubt in their relationship with God when times get rough, which leads to questions of their eternal faith, and thus a separation-disagreement with God because their life is failing.

God takes nothing (you) and makes it something only when you’re willing to give him all of you. It was only when the boy gave all of his food (two fish, and five barley loaves of bread) that Christ was able to do a miracle in over five thousand people’s lives. He took what was plenty for the boy to eat and made it plentiful for everyone else to eat. He can take your little and make it a lot. He can grab your problem and replace it with a blessing. He can use your doubt and turn it into opportunity.

Remember, supply always arrives on time. He may not come when you want him, but he will be there right on time with the miracle that you least expect. When you seek God in the good times and praise him in the happy times, you are building a reservoir of miracle making blessings that will overflow through your outflow of former praise. When this backflow of blessings arrives, you will be able to share it with others. When Jesus spoke on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, he was not only teaching his disciples, the five thousand but us. He was saying; He (Jesus) will show up and show out in his time.

Are you expecting your miracle today? Because miracles come when you least expect them.